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  • 127 credit hour program
  • 14 weeks per semester



Women's Ministry

The Ministry of the Pastor's Wife

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As the church seeks to address the needs of a society that never stops changing, women serving in ministries are seeking spiritual and educational training to provide effective leadership to meet these challenges head on.


In response to overwhelming requests to provide training for women in leadership, The College of Biblical Studies is introducing its first Bachelor of Science degree program in Women’s Ministry with a minor in The Ministry of the Pastor's Wife or a minor in Women’s Ministry.


CBS is one of only a few colleges dedicated to providing the local church and the world with women who will be thoroughly equipped to lead other women from a solid biblical worldview.


Graduates will have a vast array of knowledge as it relates to women and will be well equipped to minister and lead other women in many different walks of life.



Women’s Ministry Program Highlights


     •  Curriculum assessment and development as it relates to women

     •  Public speaking and oral presentation skills

     •  Proficiency in analytical reasoning

     •  Strong research skills pertaining to current and past issues related to women

     •  Effective writing skills

     •  Financial management skills

     •  Critical thinking on worldview issues that pertain to women

     •  Ability to provide practical biblical solutions to life problems as it related to

        themselves and other women they encounter

     •  Biblical knowledge through Bible study methods

     •  Ability to defend their faith and their biblical beliefs regarding God’s role for women



Up Close and Personal


This program is offered on-campus to provide students the opportunity to interact and learn with other women in ministry.  Classes will offer interaction and challenge from other women as you grow in your personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a leader.  Together, students will develop both ministry values and skills as you make genuine connections and experience God’s love through spiritual friendships and community.


With this degree, women serving women in ministry will be an even greater force for positive change.  Join with a community of women leaders who share your joys, obstacles and life experiences.  Be a part of this unique CBS experience – where training in truth leads to your transformation.  You’re just one click away.


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Program Purpose, Objectives & Course Descriptions


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Women’s Ministry is designed to equip women with a vast array of knowledge and skill in understanding and ministering to women according to a complementarian biblical worldview.  Students in the women’s ministry program will learn how to develop an effective women’s ministry, address various counseling issues as it relates to women, and properly evaluate administrative models that are necessary for women in church and para-church organizations.  Additionally, these students will be thoroughly equipped to function according to biblical principles in their various roles in life as a mother, daughter, wife, employee, employer, etc.


          1. Develop a biblical philosophy of womanhood.


          2. Learn and apply biblical principles for leading, serving and discipling women in a

              wide variety of circumstances.

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