Withdrawal from All Classes for the Current Term

When you withdraw from ALL your classes during a term, you will not receive any grade or credit for those classes, and your GPA is not affected. You will not receive a “W” for enrolled courses if the withdrawal is done prior to the fourth week of the semester. From the fifth to tenth week, students are permitted to drop with a “W” appearing on transcript. After the tenth week if students drop a class an “F” will be assigned. Please contact Office of the Registrar for more information. You are strongly encouraged to view the academic calendar for important dates.


  1. Download your forms: drop form and voluntary withdrawal form; or use the online Add/Drop Change Form
  2. Fill and sign your forms and submit them by email to or by fax to 832-252-4698

If you are a financial aid recipient, please determine the impact of the withdrawal with the Office of Financial Aid immediately.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy can be viewed in the Student Financial Information chapter of the Academic Catalog.