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Students, we welcome you to life at the College of Biblical Studies!  We are dedicated to our student’s success through the services and organizations that are offered. It is our desire that you find a place of comfort within CBS that will help you to further your relationships with God and one another.

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Our mission in Student Life is to build the body of Christ through our programs and services (library, bookstore, career services, etc.) that will help strengthen the relationships that are built within the CBS classroom walls.  

Office of the Dean of Students

Normal Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closed Wednesday 2:00 - 3:15 p.m. and Weekends (Friday - Sunday)

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students to schedule an appointment

Phone: (832) 252-0757
Fax: (832) 252-0857

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is available online. Please click here to view the Student Handbook. 

Student Services 

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The College of Biblical Studies is committed to providing a fully integrated educational opportunity for all students. To provide services for students who self-identify as having a disability, the CBS adheres to guidelines established in section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act: Americans with Disabilities Statutes of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended.

Students who self-identify with at least 60 days prior notice as having a disability may access services by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Officially enroll at the College
  • Complete an application for disability services
  • Provide official documentation of the disability (documentation must be an original document, prepared on official letterhead and signed by a licensed physician). Documentation must be dated within the last three years.

Documentation needed before request can be processed and deemed complete includes:

  • Completed Student with Disabilities Accommodation Request Form
    • Students must provide their reasonable recommendation for the accommodation. Please be as specific as possible.
    • The form must be signed
  • Medical documentation supporting the request being made with a description of diagnosis from licenses practitioner on official letterhead.
    • Documentation can include recommendations of accommodation for student from the physician.
    • Original document in official letterhead signed and dated within the last 3 years. 

After receipt of all documentation, a letter of notification regarding registration for disability services will be issued to the student. If academic adjustments are granted based on an approved disability, the student will receive a Letter of Request for Academic Adjustment and may present the letter to the faculty member. Upon receipt of the letter, the faculty member will comply with academic adjustments.

Students who receive academic adjustments must update their registration for academic adjustments each semester. To register for disability services, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.


Plagiarism is taking another person’s ideas and presenting them as one’s own or re-submitting work from another course without the faculty member’s permission. If someone else’s thoughts are used, credit must be given to that individual within the text and/or by a citation.

Students should feel responsible for assisting in the maintenance of Christian standards. Students should report acts of academic dishonesty to the professor and help foster a healthy spiritual atmosphere among the student body. Covering up such dishonorable practices is detrimental to the best spiritual atmosphere among the members of the CBS family.

It is the responsibility of the student to be fully informed about the College’s Academic Integrity policy. Lack of knowledge regarding the Academic Integrity policy is not a sufficient basis for appealing disciplinary action.

All initial incidents of academic dishonesty will result in a grade of “F” on the assignment in question, and may subject the student to course failure.  Consequently, the incident will be reported to the Academic Dean. Subsequent incidents will result in disciplinary action by the Dean of Students and possible expulsion from the College. In this circumstance, the student has the right to appeal.

There are additional aids that will assist you in avoiding in future circumstances of possible plagiarism

1. A Manual for Writers 8th edition by Kate Turabian gives extensive information on avoiding plagiarism (sections 4.2.3, 7.9, and 15.1).

2. Writing Helps found in 

3. Writing Helps found in

4. Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism found in

Student Responsibility

The College expects all students to exercise personal responsibility over their actions; behaviors should reflect a respect for biblical principles and standards, for the law, and for their obligations to CBS. Further, students are expected to exhibit a consideration for the rights of others, and shared standards of moral and ethical behaviors.

CBS Students are:
1.     Responsible for accepting and adhering to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the College.
2.     Responsible for living and demonstrating good and acceptable principles as a Christian.
3.     Responsible for understanding how his/her actions reflect upon the reputation of himself/herself and the College.
4.     Responsible for reading all student guidelines, such as the handbook and college catalog, and adhering to the same.
5.     Responsible for respecting the authority of the College.
6.     Responsible for meeting all college obligations.
7.     Responsible for demonstrating the highest degree of integrity at all times.

Related to student disciplinary issues, CBS students have the:
1.     Right to be informed, in writing, of all charges.
2.     Right to choose not to discuss charges.
3.     Right to adequately defend himself/herself by use of witnesses, video tapes, or other means directly related to the case.
4.     Right to an open hearing, if one is required.
5.     Right to the consultation of an attorney, but an attorney may not attend or participate in the student hearing, unless the College is represented in the hearing by a college attorney.
6.     Right to reasonable review, examination of a file containing charges and witness statements.
7.     Right to request an immediate hearing.
8.     Right to appeal any decision rendered regarding student conduct charges.
9.     Right to provide restitution if appropriate and acceptable.
10.  Right to seek forgiveness if appropriate.

Student Rights

The College of Biblical Studies is committed to respecting all members of our community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. Students have the right to file a formal written complaint in reference to academic and institutional functions, personnel, or other members of the College community.  The objective of the Formal Student Complaint Policy and Procedure is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly.
Written student complaints, addressed in the manner specified below, will be handled responsively and follow the procedures stated below. The concerns and complaints of students will be addressed fairly and will be resolved promptly.
Complaints related to this policy are usually the result of behavior that the student feels is unjust, inequitable, or creates an unnecessary hardship.  Students may file complaints following this policy if they believe a problem is not governed by other CBS complaint or appeal procedures or if they have exhausted those procedures. Examples of these other procedures not governed by this policy include:

Academic Appeals including:
                Academic Suspension/Dismissal
                Satisfactory Academic Progress
                Grade Appeal
Financial Aid Appeals including:
                General Refund Policy
ADA Accommodation Requests
Discrimination Complaints
Sexual Harassment Complaints

Official Student Complaint Form

Formal Student Complaint Procedures are as follows:

1. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty or individual/s involved. Following Matthew 18:15-17, offenses against one another should be corrected by the individuals involved (e.g., the student with the complaint should first privately address the offending student, faculty or staff member to resolve the issue). Although the preference is for these matters to initially be dealt with privately, an individual may request a CBS administrator to be present at the initial discussion if the party is concerned about the response of the other individual.
2. Often a complaint can be resolved in this way. However, if an informal approach is neither successful nor advisable, the student should use the following procedure. If there is no resolution to the institutional complaint per item #1, a student may complete a Formal Student Complaint Form; forms are available in the Office of the Dean of Students. When filing a complaint, it is important that all documentation and other evidence associated with the complaint (e.g., witness statements and support documentation) be included. More than one complaint can be filed regarding the same incident. The complaint form will be considered complete only when it is submitted by the complainant.
3. The complaint will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for review, investigation, and resolution. The Dean of Students will notify the student in writing of the final decision within ten business days of the date of the initial complaint and include the notice of a right to appeal.
4. The student has the right to appeal the decision of the Dean of Students to the Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services within ten business days of the date of the written notice of the Dean of Student’s decision.

Academic Complaints

The procedures for addressing academic complaints including, but not limited to, faculty members and grades are as follows:
1.     Following Matthew 18:15-17, offenses against one another should be corrected by the individuals involved (e.g., the student with the complaint should first privately address the offending student, faculty or staff member to resolve the issue). Although the preference is for these matters to initially be dealt with privately, an individual may request a CBS administrator to be present at the initial discussion if the party is concerned about the response of the other individual.
2.     If there is no resolution to an academic complaint, the student should address the matter in writing to the Academic Dean within 120 days of the alleged incident. In some situations, both the Academic Dean and the Dean of Students will meet with the student.
3.     If the complaint involves a disagreement between a student and a faculty member, the Faculty Committee may be consulted at the discretion of the Academic Dean. In the event that they are consulted, the Faculty Committee will be the final arbiter in disputes regarding assigned grades as well as any other complaint for which they are consulted. Since the Faculty Committee is the final arbiter, there is no appeal beyond their decision.


Students are offered opportunities to secure assistance concerning personal, spiritual and academic life. The Academic Dean and Dean of Students as well as faculty and staff are available to students. Additional assistance may be obtained through various external resources should there be a need for specialized intervention. For your convenience, the Dean of Students maintains a list of approved Christian Counselors. 

Career Services

The College of Biblical Studies is glad to assist our students is preparing for and finding careers. Please click here for more information regarding our student services. 


The College of Biblical Studies provides opportunities for students to volunteer through student council or other events. Click here for an opportunity to volunteer

Sexual Violence

The College of Biblical Studies is committed to maintaining a safe learning and work environment for all students, faculty and staff. Any form of exploitation, intimidation and harassment, including sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and is prohibited by law and our institution’s policy. We believe that education is the most effective way to reinforce this commitment and to create a harassment-free environment. CBS recognizes that all who work and learn at the College are responsible for ensuring that the community is free from discrimination based on sex or gender, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, other forms of sexual misconduct, stalking and intimate-partner violence. These behaviors threaten our learning, living and work environments and will not be tolerated.

College students or employees who experience conduct in violation of this policy are likely to have concerns and questions, including how to report and respond to sex-based misconduct. Title IX complaints by or against CBS students, employees, or third parties, can be filed with the Title IX Coordinator. To discuss concerns or report violations, please contact the Title IX Coordinator: 

Paul Keith
Title IX Coordinator 

Please go to the sexual violence page for further information on sexual misconduct on campus.