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Filing a Student Complaint Against a Texas Higher Education Institution. Clike here:



Authorization from State of Indian


A student has experienced discrimination, they may file with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education using the following secure link:


Financial Aid: 

If a student has been denied state of Indiana financial aid, they may file an appeal or direct any questions to the Student Support Center by calling 1 (888) 528-4719 or visit


Law Violations: 

If a student believes that a college or university has violated state or federal law, he/she may wish to contact the Office of the Indiana Attorney General at (317) 232-6201 or by using this comment form at



Within two years of the incident about which the student is complaining, he/she must contact the Commission for Higher Education using our complaint form.

Please note that the Commission cannot, by law, review complaints related to course grades, academic sanctions or discipline/conduct matters. In other areas, such as transferring credits between public institutions, the Commission has greater statutory authority.

Please follow the steps outlined below to submit a complaint:


If a student has concerns related to classroom situations or administrative actions, he/she should contact the faculty or staff member(s) with whom he/she has a conflict. It may be possible to resolve the concerns without the need for formal institutional action. However, if the student’s complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, or if the complaint cannot be resolved by contacting the faculty or staff member(s), the student should proceed to STEP 2.


The student should file a complaint through his/her institution of higher education’s established complaint process. Information on the process can usually be found in the institution’s academic catalog, student handbook or website. If the student is unable to resolve the complaint in this manner, he/she should proceed to STEP 3.


After receiving a complaint through our complaint form, Commission staff will review the submitted materials and contact the submitter for any required additional information or clarifications. The Commission will then send a copy of the complaint to the institution against which the complaint has been filed and ask for a response within three weeks. After receiving the college or university’s response, Commission staff will determine whether the institution’s student complaint process has been followed and exhausted and what additional steps or follow-up may be taken. The Commission will inform both parties involved in the complaint.

If you have additional questions about the complaint process, or want to clarify that your individual complaint is reviewable by the Commission, please feel free to contact 


Distance Education

Authorization to Offer Distance Education

The College of Biblical Studies-Houston, through its religious exemption with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, participates in The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement ( This agreement allows CBS to offer distance programs and courses to residents of member states without seeking state-by-state approval, and is intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state.

If you are an online student residing in a state that is not yet a member of NC-SARA (see member states, or that is not listed below, please contact the Admissions Office ( or 1-844-227-9673) for information on applying for admission. Students in the online program with complaints can refer to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Student Complaint Process web site and the Student Complaint Form.


CBS is approved to operate outside of the authorization of the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. This approval is an on-going self-assessment that the College undertook that was first affirmed by the Bureau in 2014. Additional information on the College’s status may be obtained by contacting Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833 or by calling (916) 431-6959.  

How do I learn more about State Authorization?

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