Quality Enhancement Plan

Description of the Plan

As a part of its 2018 Reaffirmation Process with SACSCOC, CBS has put together a comprehensive five-year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) (in response to CR 2.12 and CS 3.3.2). This student learning-focused plan was developed out of an broad-based effort with both internal and external stakeholders of the College, including Students, the Board, Faculty and Staff, and church leaders in the local community of Houston.

Quality Enhancement Plan Committee




Dr. Marvin McNeese (Chair)


Student Learning (Political Science)

Dr. Harold Fisher


Student Learning (Leadership)

Dr. Steve Sullivan


Student Learning (Ministry Skills)

Dr. Brittany Burnette

Administrative Faculty

Distance Education

Dr. Lisa Stewart

Exec. Dir. Enrollment Services

Learning Strategies

Dr. Bryce Hantla

Administrative Faculty


Dr. Joseph Parle

VP Academics

Executive Liaison

Natalie Menjivar


Student Representation

 Data leading to the Topic

The QEP Committee undertook countless hours of analysis to arrive at CBS’s QEP topic, and the following reports and documents contain some of the data that led to the decision to move forward with this topic.

  • QEP Admin Council Report
  • QEP Board Report
  • Institutional Assessment Report
  • Board Survey Results
  • Faculty Survey Results
  • Alumni Results
  • Potential Employers Results
  • Student Case Study Results

Institutional Policy Manual

In line with its mission to maintain high quality standards, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness oversees the writing, review, and publication of Institutional Policies. The institution has identified key decision-makers as Policy Owners to oversee the quality of their respective policy sections in the policy manual. 

CBS’s policy approval process aligns with the SACSCOC Best Practices for Policy Development.

All official, signed copies of policies are archived in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness digital files. For questions related to the Policy Manual (or e-Manual), please email

If you are an employee of CBS and would like a link to the e-Manual (the College’s online Policy Manual), please email

To initiate a policy, please use the following Policy Template with Signature Page