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At the College of Biblical Studies, students are passionate about their community. Their training inspires action - and transformation is set in motion.

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 Overview  | Campuses | Leadership | Academics


 Overview | Campuses  |  Leadership  |  Academics  |  Emergency |  News Rankings |  Media 


 Overview  |  Campuses  |  Leadership  |  Academics  |  Emergency  |  News  |  Rankings  |  Media 







Overview  Campuses  Leadership  Academics


 Overview | Campuses  |  Leadership  |  Academics  |  Emergency  |  News  | Rankings  |  Media  



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The Public Relations and Corporate Communications office is the official channel for managing the corporate identity of the College. Please contact us regarding media inquiries and brand resources including:

  • Public relations
  • Brand management
  • Media relations
  • Crisis management
  • Communications 
  • Marketing oversight
  • Graphic design
  • Audio/Video production

Media Relations Contact

Melinda Merillat is the executive director of public relations and serves as the media contact. Contact her at or 832.252.0745  

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