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GPA (Grade Point Average)

There are two grade point averages that are relevant to your academic standing. Your semester grade point average is the average of your grades for any one given semester of your college career. Your cumulative grade point average, is the average of your grades overall.

Grade-Point Average

The grade points earned in each course are computed by multiplying the number of credit hours for the course by the grade-point value of the letter grade received. The student’s grade point average (GPA) each semester is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned in all courses by the total number of credit hours taken.


Students are graded according to the following designations:

 Letter Description

Numerical Value
(traditional scale) 

Numerical Value
(1,000 point scale) 

Grade Points 




 A 96-98 955–984 4.0
 A- 94-95 935–954 3.7
 B+ 92-93 915–934 3.3
 B 89-91 885–914 3.0
 B- 86-88 855–884 2.7
 C+ 83-85 825–854 2.3
 C 79-82 785–824 2.0
 C- 75-78 745–784 1.7
 D+ 73-74 725–744 1.3
 D 71-72 705–724 1.0
 D- 70 695–704 0.7
 F 0-69 0–694 0.0



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