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Reach your educational goals with financial aid.

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What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is any form of assistance that comes from some organized body that assists a student with the costs of attending college. These forms consist of federal, state, institutional and private funds that are used to assist students in funding their education. Scholarships and grants are “free money “ that you do not pay back, however loans are considered as self-help and you are required to pay them back when a student becomes enrolled less than half-time or graduates. When you seek aid, we will consider you for all forms of aid available.

  • After your fees and any other charges on your CBS student account are paid, any remaining financial aid will be refunded to you.
  • Generally, if the Office of Financial Aid has disbursed aid to your student account and a credit is created, you can expect to receive a refund approximately 30-45 days after Census Date.
  • Refund checks are mailed to your home address. For more information contact the Financial Aid Office as follows:

Houston: 832-252-4602  |  Email:
Indiana: 317-789-8255  |  Email: 


How to Apply for Fiancial Aid, Scholarships and Veteran Benefits

Here at the College of Biblical Studies part of our mission to our students is we see every student as an individual with dreams, goals and needs that are unique and special to them. We are here to help our students to make their dreams a reality and help prepare them to answer God’s call to serve.  It’s all about real people with real dreams! We are here for you!!!

Apply for Financial Aid- (Houston / Online) - Please make sure to complete the Admission Process)


1. Complete the FAFSA application at CBS School code is 034224.

2. It takes 3-5 business day before the application is sent to CBS.

3. After 5th day create a FA Account through MyFA  (Process can take 4-6 weeks).

4. Go to CBS Home page, Select Student Portal, then select Financial Aid, Select Create FA Account.

Apply for Financial Aid – (Indiana Resident Students) – Please make sure you complete the admissions process first)

1.Complete the FAFSA application at CBS School code is 034224.

2.It takes 3-5 business day before the application is sent to CBS.

3.For the fall 2019 semester your MyFA account will be created for you. Watch for an email with your log-in information. You do not need to create this account. Doing so will create a duplicate account and can cause a delay in processing your financial aid.


Apply for Scholarships

For scholarship opportunities please visit our Financial Aid Scholarship page to view our internal and external scholarship opportunities. For internal scholarships please view requirement page and deadlines before applying for a scholarship.  Electronic applications are now online and submitted to our Scholarship office.  

Apply to Use VA Benefits 

College of Biblical Studies offers Chapter 30, 31, 33 and 35 only. For more information about VA benefits please contact the VA Certifying Official at your nearest campus as follows:

Houston: 832-252-4602  |  Email:
Indiana: 317-789-8255  |  Email: 


References of FAFSA

To learn more about common FAFSA mistakes, please check out the website of Common FAFSA Mistakes.

Having trouble completing the FAFSA? Please watch the video below: 




Federal Updates

It is important to stay up-to-date with financial aid regulations and guidelines. Visit the following websites to learn more about the latest:


For more information contact the Office of Financial Services as follows:

Houston: 832-252-4602  |  Email:
Indiana: 317-789-8255  |  Email: 

 Still have questions about Financial Aid? Please visit our FAQ website.  

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