Financial Aid Refunds

Receiving a Financial Aid Refund

Once your financial aid funds have been credited to your student account, your financial aid will first be used to pay your current tuition, fees, and bookstore charges (if applicable). If your financial aid exceeds your total current charges, your student account will show a credit balance and CBS will refund the remaining amount to you.

My financial aid is more than my CBS charges – when will I receive a refund?

Once your financial aid has paid for your tuition, fees, bookstore charges, etc., any remaining financial aid will be refunded to you accordingly by paper check. Once your disbursements has credited to your account please allow 7 to 14 business days before a refund is issued.    

PLEASE NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education requires that your refund be available to you within 14 days of the date it was disbursed to your student account. 

Why does it take so long after the semester starts to receive a refund?

In order to maximize the flexibility of your class schedule, CBS allows all students to add, drop, or adjust your classes up to the census date each semester.  At the same time, federal financial aid rules require CBS to confirm you are attending/participating in your classes before disbursing any excess refunds.  In order to avoid disbursing aid to you incorrectly, CBS will process refund checks within the 7-14 days period after receipt of your federal funds are added to your student account and your final enrollment/charges for the semester are process.

Who should I contact for questions about the status of my financial aid?

For questions about your financial aid status please contact 832-252-4602 or email the Office of Financial Aid at:

Replacement Checks

There may be situations where a student will need to request a replacement check for a student account credit refund check that was lost or destroyed. 

To request a replacement check, please do the following:

  1. Contact Student Accounts at:
  2. Provide appropriate written documentation of the circumstances to support the request

To generate a replacement check, CBS will be required to stop payment. CBS charges a $30 processing fee for each stopped payment.

If it was an action of CBS that resulted in the need for a replacement check, the student's account will not be assessed the "Stop Payment" fee. CBS is not responsible if the check was sent to the current address listed on the student's record. Students are responsible for updating their mailing address via

Who should I contact about questions about the status my refund?

For more information contact the Office of Financial Services as follows: