Dropping Courses


Students who wish to drop a course should first determine if the change would have an impact on their enrollment status, financial support, or academic standing and progress. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their academic advisor in advance. Students should refer to the published refund policy located on the Financial Aid website. A completed official “Add/ Drop Form” is required and is available from the Office of the Registrar. Failure to drop a course properly will result in a grade of “F” being recorded on the academic record. A registered student must drop a course before 25% of the class is completed, otherwise a “W” will appear on the transcript. Courses cannot be dropped after 70% of the class is completed. All course weeks and dates for online classes are determined by the Attendance Policy for online courses.


Before dropping individual courses, consult with your advisor and financial aid advisor to determine if:

  • Your course drop will delay your completing your academic requirements as set by you and your advisor.
  • Your reduced course load would jeopardize your financial aid status

After reviewing the above, you may complete the add/drop form