Welcome to discipleship at Cbs!

The Discipleship Team serves the CBS mission by striving to see that every student’s CBS experience is not merely an academic endeavor, but a transformational encounter with the Living God! We come alongside each student to help them fulfill Paul’s directive from the Lord to the believers in Rome: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2).

This objective is accomplished through the application of a carefully – and prayerfully – developed discipleship model, in concert with the work of the Holy Spirit in each student’s life:

The four dimensions of the CBS discipleship journey

dimensions of discipleship

Dimension 1: Assessments and Life Growth Plans

• Goal: Emotional, Cultural, and Spiritual Development
• Input: Discipleship Coach

Dimension 2: Academic Courses

• Goal: Biblical Knowledge
• Input: Professors

Dimension 3: Life-on-Life Small Groups

• Goal: Accountability and Spiritual Disciplines
• Input: Peers

Dimension 4: Practical Ministry Experience

• Goal: Ministry and Life Skills Development
• Input: Mentors

Life Context:
The student will bring his experiences from the “life context” back into the discipling environment of CBS and seek to learn how to best navigate them in a godly way.

Our Dedicated team

Dr. Paul Nyquist

Vice President of Discipleship

Dr. Steve Sullivan

Chaplain; Senior Professor

Dr. Lisa Stewart

Dean of Women's Discipleship, Director of Student, Professor

Lee Bouldin

Director of Spiritual Formation, Instructor

Karla Martinez

Administration Assistant, Discipleship Coach


The purpose of the Discipleship Coach is to prayerfully work with each CBS student help ensure the success of their spiritual transformation as they pursue a degree from the College of Biblical Studies.

Student meets with Discipleship Coach in order to:
• Explore calling and purpose in life
• Explain results of assessments
• Establish growth plans

Initial assessments administered at the start of each student’s CBS experience establishes a base line for growth. Concluding assessments administered upon graduation displays growth and development. The results of each assessment will be documented for each student in the form of a “Scorecard”.

• SpiritPulse measures Spiritual Vitality
• Emotional Intelligence 2.0 measures Emotional Intelligence
• Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) measures Cultural Competence

An important facet of the discipleship journey for each student will be the presence of a mentor to help guide them through their CBS experience. Each incoming student will be assigned a carefully screened, qualified mentor to provide spiritual support for their first academic year at CBS.

The mentor is expected to minister to the student in four vital ways, the CARE model:

• Counsel: Help the student to gain perspective on various challenges by giving them wise counsel and biblical advice. Become a trusted friend to them.

• Accountability: Hold the student accountable in their walk with Christ, church involvement, and devotional life.

• Relationship: Engage in an authentic relationship with the student. Pray for the student.

• Encouragement: Encourage the student in their studies and pursuit of ministry goals. Encourage them to keep pressing on toward the finish line if obstacles and discouragement emerges.

Small Groups
Spiritual Formation not only requires us to pay close attention to our identity in Christ, but also our place in Christ as a community. In order to experience intimate community in the biblical sense, we must learn to reveal ourselves to others. We need to honestly, freely, and thoughtfully tell our stories. Our modern culture makes it easy for people to live isolated and anonymous lives. Because we and others move frequently, we may feel it’s not worth the effort to be vulnerable in short-lived relationships. However, we desperately need to keep intentionally investing in significant relationships.

The CBS Small Group Curriculum is designed to help students create a community of trusted relationships. This will take place in groups of four-five students who will commit to studying the following topics (guidebook provided):

• Community
• Identity
• Integrity
• Ministry

Students are placed into small group communities when enrolling in MSSF 3034 Spiritual Formation 3 (year three of a four-year degree program). The group continues to meet for an additional semester, continuing as part of MSSF 4034 Spiritual Formation 4.

Spiritual Formation Courses

Our spiritual formation courses are designed to support the CBS discipleship initiative. It our heartfelt desire that every student’s CBS experience is not merely an academic endeavor, but a transformational encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ and the Great Commission He calls all of us to carry out! (Matt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:2).

Spiritual Formation 1 (MSSF 3011)
This course is designed to aid the student to process their spiritual life under the guidance of the professor. It includes analysis of a proper view of God’s character, cultivating Christ-likeness, and helping the student to process the battles of his or her soul and a study of right responses to walking by the Spirit. It includes a study of relational wisdom, and such matters as anger, fear, guilt, trial, self-acceptance, and moral purity.

Spiritual Formation 2 (MSSF 3012)
This course picks up where MSSF 3011 left of and is designed to aid the student to process their spiritual life under the guidance of the professor. It includes analysis of a proper view of God’s character, cultivating Christ-likeness, and helping the student to process the battles of his or her soul and a study of right responses to walking by the Spirit. It includes a further study of relational wisdom, as well as such matters as anger, fear, guilt, trial, self-acceptance, and moral purity.

Spiritual Formation 3 (MSSF 3313)
Study of relational wisdom, anger, fear guilt and moral purity. Students are required to turn in written evidence from their accountability partner. On campus quads meeting – students meeting with students according to gender. SF3 students have an additional requirement to meet: Kingdom Man/Woman resource by Dr. Tony Evans.

Spiritual Formation 4 (MSSF 4314)
MSSF 4034 is the fourth and capstone in a series of courses designed to help the student engage in the Four Dimensions of the CBS Discipleship Journey. This course completes the journey and assesses the progress made along the journey. It continues the small group participation launched in MSSF 3033 and seeks to bring that experience to a conclusion with each student preparing a Ministry Vision Statement. This course will engage the student in the development of two critical skills for ministry in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic world—namely, how to graciously navigate diverse cultures and how to be rightly involved in race relations. Students will study material prepared by Dr. Charles Ware and Grace Relations as they prepare to disciple the nations in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Christian Service Learning Program (MCSP 2011)
The Christian Service Learning Program is a supervised ministry process that is designed to help students develop and enhance their commitment and competence in ministry by promoting the practical outworking of the biblical, theological, and theoretical principles learned in the classroom setting.

Upcoming Events

Virtual Marriage Clinic Opportunity

We want to make you aware of a wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to attend a three-day marriage clinic by video conferencing.

This free clinic is offered by Christway Counseling Center (christwaycounseling.com)If you are interested in attending, contact Christway for a schedule of upcoming clinics:
(832) 358-0900

Weekly Chapel Service

“The Key to Starting the New Year the Right Way” (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Dr. Nicolas Ellen CBS Senior Professor Senior Pastor, Community of Faith Bible Church

“In Everything Give Thanks” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Dr. Joe Parle CBS Provost; Senior Professor

“Lessons from a Passionate Murderer” (Hebrews 11:23-28)

Mike Smith
Chaplain, CBS Indiana

“Equipped, but for WHOSE Ministry?” (Ephesians 2:10; 4:12)

Dr. Keith Bower
Chair, The C12 Group

“I Call My Son Out of Egypt” – A Christmas Story (Matthew 2:15)

Dr. Joel Badal CBS Dean of Institutional Effectiveness; Professor

“Jesus Christ: Friend of Friends” (John 15:12-17)

Lee Bouldin CBS Director of Spiritual Formation

“Sing Songs to God’s Goodness!” (Exodus 15:1-21)

Dr. Harold Fisher
CBS Professor

“Beware” (Col. 2:6-10)

Dr. Kirk Barger
CBS Professor

What is Chapel?

In order to enhance the unity of the CBS family, encourage the saints, intercede in prayer, and bring glory to God, the body of CBS meets weekly for a time of worship, the Word, and prayer.

When is Chapel?

Each Wednesday at 2:00 PM (central time); unless otherwise announced

Who is Included?

Chapel is primarily intended for CBS students, alumni, staff, and faculty. However, family and guests of the CBS family are welcome to participate as well.


What is Convocation?

The word “Convocation” derives from the Latin word convocare, which means “together” (con) and “call” (vocare). A convocation is an opportunity to formally call together or summon.

Fall Convocation marks the start of a new academic year. The event celebrates the start of a new year with the excitement of meeting new people and new challenges – and it moves our students one step closer to commencement. We assemble to celebrate our God, who calls us and equips us for every good work to bring Him glory. During Convocation, we collectively and individually acknowledge our dependence on our Heavenly Father, through Christ Jesus and the power the Holy Spirit. We also reaffirm our striving for personal holiness and focus on personal ministry to others.

Convocation takes place within the first month of the new school year (fall semester).

Archived Events

Mentor Appreciation Event (Virtual)


On April 23, 2021, CBS hosted its first Mentor Appreciation event (virtually), in which we honored the men and women who are serving as mentors to our students. Among this group are pastors, biblical counselors, mentors, CBS alums, teachers, and others serving in corporate positions. We are so thankful for each of them! 

Mentor Appreciation Event 2021 Keynote Presentation


“The Requirements of Discipleship” (Matthew 16:24-28)
Dr. Paul Nyquist
CBS Vice President of Discipleship 

Care & Comfort

The CBS Discipleship Department “Care & Comfort Team” is pleased to provide pastoral care and prayer for our students. As a student of CBS, you have a team of staff and faculty ready to assist you any way we can. College can be a challenging experience, but add to that the stresses and strains brought on by the coronavirus, and it can feel overwhelming! We would be honored to come alongside you to provide prayer, care, and comfort as you cope with health concerns, family needs, economic upheaval, spiritual anxiety, or any other concerns you may have.


Have a prayer need? Contact us or simply fill out this PRAYER REQUEST FORM.

All requests will remain confidential.


Need some spiritual guidance? Struggling under the weight of the demands of life, school, ministry? Perhaps, you just need someone to listen to you? Our chaplains are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Hours: Monday – Thursday; 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CST