Weapons on Campus

In accordance with Chapter 46.03 of the Texas Penal Code, the College of Biblical Studies-Houston prohibits the possession and use of firearms, explosives and/or ammunition, fireworks, incendiary devices, illegal knives or other sharp blades, or other prohibited weapons in 46.05 of the Texas Penal Code on its property. For purposes of this policy, CBS property includes, but is not limited to, all CBS facilities, CBS-provided parking areas, vehicles, and equipment that are either leased or owned by CBS. In addition, CBS strictly prohibits the unlawful carrying or possession of any weapon in a CBS parking facility or parking area, including in employee-owned vehicles parked on CBS property. This prohibition includes any devices that might reasonably be mistaken for a firearm or weapon. 

Under Texas state law (Senate bill 1907), licensed holders may transport and store handguns and ammunitions in private locked vehicles while parked on the campus but may not carry a handgun or ammunition into the CBS building or on CBS property. All other non-licensed persons are not allowed to store handguns and ammunition in their private vehicles. 

In accordance with Texas state laws, including the open carry, campus carry and concealed weapons laws, CBS will not allow a licensed permit holder to bring a firearm onto the CBS campus. The only exception to this law is for authorized law enforcement and police officers. Exceptions to this policy must be authorized in advance and in writing by the CBS administration. Violations of this policy will be considered a serious offense and will be referred to both internal administrative authorities and external police authorities. 

CBS employees and students share the responsibility of identifying violators of this policy. An employee or student who witnesses or suspects another individual of violating this policy should immediately report this information to security, their supervisor, or human resources. 

CBS reserves the right to request the appropriate license of any individual in accordance with this policy and Texas state law, and to require the immediate removal of the weapon and the individual from its property.

Violation of this policy may subject an employee or student to disciplinary action up to including termination or expulsion.