B.S. Degree in Christian Leadership (Accelerated Degree Completion)

Purpose of Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Leadership (Accelerated Degree Completion)

The purpose of the 123-hour program with split majors in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree is to provide Christian leaders with biblical and theological education in order to equip them for a life of vocational or lay service as a leader in the church, parachurch or business. Upon completion of the program, successful students will:

  1. Categorize the literary forms of biblical books.
  2. Understand a variety of rhetorical devices, arguments and genres.
  3. Understand the servant leader model for leadership and recognize the value of the Biblical model organizationally.
  4. Evaluate leadership decisions with ethical character, sound judgment and critical thinking skills.
  5. Understand the principles of communicating, motivating and aligning people and teams to accomplish organization objectives.
  6. Develop functional frameworks for effective leadership skills.
  7. Apply the servant leader model to a specific leadership situation.
  8. Apply principles of Christian ministry in a variety of settings.

Students take only one course at a time in the curriculum, attending one 4-hour class session with breakout sessions for small-group collaborative and independent work each week. The courses are accelerated five weeks in length. The program is 24-months of six consecutive semesters, requiring 9 credits each semester from the CBS core curriculum. Students are members of a continuing class - a cohort group, among whom an atmosphere of shared learning and personal, family, ministry and career interests develops. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Bachelor of Science Degree with major in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership.