Bryce Hantla

Associate Academic Dean; ProfessorBryce Hantla

  • B.A., Mississippi College (English)
  • M.A., North Carolina State University 
  • Ed.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 



In his role as Associate Academic Dean at the College of Biblical Studies-Houston, Dr. Hantla manages library services, strategizes for academic programming, helps with partnerships, and oversees academic excellence as well as faculty development. Dr. Hantla primarily teaching English and Writing at the College.

Dr. Hantla's current research interests range from researching best practices for implementing the flipped classroom design to working with accrediting bodies to accomplish the goals of institutions of higher education and applying effective methods for leading and managing student assessment efforts. His expertise is in effective pedagogical approaches in higher educational settings, educational technology, and higher educational assessment. Dr. Hantla also works with faith-based institutions to help students in discipleship and spiritual formation. He has led numerous conference workshops on these topics and continues to seek out partnerships, speaking engagements, and consulting relationships to impact the educational community using his expertise.

Dr. Hantla combined his work on critical thinking in a quasi-experimental study researching the effects of flipping the classroom on critical thinking variables measured by a critical thinking rubric. He successfully defended his dissertation with the highest score awarded by SEBTS and is working on turning his dissertation into journal publications.

Publications & Presentations

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