Book voucher Allowance

CBS provide book voucher allowances (maximum of $500.00) to students who meet the following criteria:
• Student must be eligible for financial aid (Pell and Loans) and have a credit balance on their account of $500.00 or more. This will include all FSA funds (Example: Pell and/or Student loans)
• All financial aid documents must be completed and ready for disbursement 10 days prior to the first start of class.
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frequently asked questions

  • Am I eligible for a book voucher?
    You are eligible if you:
        • Register at least four weeks before the semester start date
        • Have funds remaining after tuition/fees are deducted from pending financial aid funds
        • You will receive an email notifying you if you are eligible for a book voucher allowance
  • Where does the money come from?
    The book voucher is a short-term loan from CBS as a courtesy to help defray expenses until your financial aid funds can be processed.

    The book voucher authorization is not part of your financial aid. 
  • What if my books cost more than $500?
    The book voucher may not cover the total cost of your books.

    CBS is able to increase your book voucher one time if you have excess pending financial aid funds (this is to cover purchase of Logos Bible Software)

    To request additional funds, complete the Request Form.
  • Do I have to take the book voucher?
    No. If you would like to decline the book voucher,  you may contact the Office of Financial Services in writing.

    By declining the book voucher, you are responsible for purchasing your textbooks and no book charges will be added to your student account.
  • What if I register late? (late = registering after four weeks from the start of the semester)?
    You must contact the Office of Financial Services to see if you are eligible to have a book voucher processed.

    If you are eligible for pending financial aid funds, you are likely eligible for a book voucher, even later in the semester.

    You are considered “late registration” if you are within three weeks from the start of the semester.

    If you are eligible, you must use the book voucher within 5 days of its issuance.


  • Can I use my book voucher on or another online vendor?
    No. You can only use the book voucher in the CBS online book store.

    The MBS Marketplace is also available for you to use the voucher, and this is a secondary service to outside providers.


  • Why do I have a textbook balance when I used a voucher?
    You likely purchased your textbooks after the voucher’s expiration date.

    You received your financial aid overage (refund) check before you purchased textbooks. In this case, you should pay off your textbook balance first before using the rest of your funds.

    To request additional funds, complete the Request Form.