Bible Certificate Program at CBS

Biblical Counseling Certification



The Bible Certificate is designed to provide basic biblical and theological knowledge and rudimentary skills in Bible interpretation and principles of biblical teaching.  This program is offered in both English and Spanish.  

Quick Facts

Credit Hours: 36 total credit hours.

Program Goals:

  1. Describe the major characters in the Bible.
  2. Categorize the literary forms of biblical books.
  3. Distinguish the basic content of each of the biblical books.
  4. Know the foundational principles of inductive Bible interpretation.
  5. Categorize the major doctrines of the Bible.

Suggested Sequence:

Curriculum (Suggested for Full-time Students)

Year 1

  • MSMN 1301 Bible Study Methods
  • BIBL 1311 Pentateuch
  • BIBL 1321 Gospels
  • THEO 1311 Introduction to Theological Method
  • BIBL 1312 Historical Literature
  • BIBL 1322 Acts and Pauline Epistles
  • THEO 1312 God, Christ and Holy Spirit
  • THEO 1313 Man, Sin and Salvation
  • BIBL 1213 Wisdom Literature
  • BIBL 1414 Prophets
  • BIBL 1323 General Epistles and Revelation
  • THEO 1314 Angels, Church and Prophecy

Biblical Counseling Certification