Associate of Arts


The 63-hour online only program leading to the Associate of Arts degree is designed for individuals who wish to pursue an Associate degree while receiving foundational biblical principles that contribute to a biblical worldview. It may also be used as the first two years of a bachelor's degree program. Credits earned in this program may be applied to the bachelor's degree programs offered at the College or, when appropriate, may be transferable to other institutions. 


Quick Facts

  • 63 total credit hours

Program Goals 

  1. Categorize the literary forms of biblical books.
  2. Learn and apply principles of Christian ministry.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all admissions requirements including completion of high school diploma or GED
  2. Satisfactory completion of all requirements on Official Degree Plan within a maximum of eight years
  3. Cumulative 2.0 grade point average
  4. Satisfactory completion of 3 units in Christian Service Learning Program
  5. Academic advising sessions including pre and post testing/measurements
  6. Intent to Graduate Form filed by submitted deadline
  7. Graduation/Diploma fee
  8. No unresolved disciplinary matter, including but not limited to, student code of conduct violations, library, or financial obligation
  9. Completion of exit counseling for students with Stafford or PLUS loans
  10. Approval by CBS faculty

Suggested Sequence

Curriculum (Suggested for Full-time Students) 


Year 1

  • MSMN 1301 Bible Study Methods
  • ENGL 1301 English Composition 1
  • COSC 1317 Introduction to Computing
  • ENGL 1302 English Composition 2
  • HIST 2321 Western Civilization 1
  • BIBL 1321 Gospels
  • MCSP 2011 Christian Service 
  • BIBL 1311 Pentateuch
  • BIBL 1312 Historical Literature
  • MSMN 2301 Missions, Evangelism, and Discipleship
  • MCSP 2011 Christian Service 

Year 2

  • MATH 1332 Mathematical Principles
  • BIBL 1213 Wisdom Literature
  • BIBL 1414 Prophets
  • BIBL 1322 Acts and Pauline Epistles
  • BIBL 1323 General Epistles & Revelation
  • HIST 2322 Western Civilization 2
  • PHIL 2304 Introduction to Philosophy
  • THEO 1311 Introduction to Theological Method
  • MCSP 2011 Christian Service
  • PHIL 3305 Christian Ethics
  • MSMN 2302 Foundations of Spiritual Life
  • BIOL 2301 Anatomy and Physiology
  • ENGL 1311 Fundamentals of Speech